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Specialist Forensic and Investigative Accounting Services 




We were brought in to review what appeared on the surface to be a minor fraud file involving a single employee. Our investigations revealed a major fraud of over $500,000, committed by two employees. Analysis of the systems and financial documents of the organisation revealed gross irregularities. The evidence gathered was collated and presented to the Police, enabling them to lay charges. The result was the successful prosecution and conviction of both people. We conducted a further review of the systems used by the organisation, and provided recommendations for internal controls to prevent reoccurrence of this type of fraud. We also provided a report to the insurance company, resulting in a successful claim, and reimbursement of the stolen funds to our client.





Our client invested over $3 million to be used for a joint venture project. The allegation was that these funds were misappropriated. Our role was to trace how this money had been spent, through a myriad of bank accounts, both in New Zealand and Australia. In addition, we were asked to trace funds from the sale of the defendants’ assets. Through the reconstruction of money trails, we collated the evidence of funds misappropriation. We also provided affidavits to the High Court for Freezing Orders and Unless Orders, followed by a report with evidence detailing non-compliance with these orders. The result was a decision in favour of our client in the High Court.






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